Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

Network infrastructure as a service as the old traditional layered network with Cleary defined boundaries between, LAN, SD-WAN, Wifi, Access Control and Visibility is blending into something that resembles more of a modern data center.

With that in mind, the design of any new or refreshed network takes on a different discussion. The focus shifts from ports and speeds to user mobility, site to site consistency, end to end security tracking the ability for users to auto-register their own devices onto the network. All the while, ensuring your security risk remains intact.

LAN and WAN infrastructure
WAN Optimisation
Intercom system
Virtualisation Technologies
Enterprise Storage
Next-Generation Firewall, Intrusion System
DDoS, Web Application Firewall
2-Factor Authentication
Secure Remote Access (IPsec, SSL)
Application Delivery Controllers (LoadBalancers), Global Server Load Balancing
Design Deliver Nurture

Due to the proliferation of Wifi and security challenges associated the first thing we look at from a design standpoint is “what type of experience and mobility should your users have?” That starts building the network fabric foundation as it provides a clear direction to what components are relevant. The discussion then shifts towards integrating to the exiting environment commonly referred to as “brownfield.” During this period of coexistence, the user experience and security most remain intact as any disruption will magnify across the number of users.

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To avoid this, we map out the scenarios in a “wargames” format and run them through a test environment to document and remediate. Having increased confidence in the expected outcome, the rollout of the new platform(s) can be swift and non-disruptive. Documenting the rollout and using a repeatable process ensures consistency from site to site. The extensive native monitoring capabilities of the new campus fabric confirms the success and highlight any anomalies not accounted for. We can then build custom dashboards and alerts for faster remediation times. An extensive test plan is separately carried out to ensure that Network Access Control is universal in its application and does not impact worker mobility.

Due to the various moving components fully integrated into a single platform, it’s critical that the health of the fabric be reviewed on a regular basis. We assist your team to identify key areas of focus while bringing them up to speed on the roadmap for the platform. This allows for proactive planning for software upgrades and new feature rollouts. This quarterly review gives us an opportunity to perform capacity planning for future considerations based on predicted business growth and platform utilization across the entire fabric. Each quarterly review also consists of a roadmap breakdown bespoke to your environment with a recommendation of which platform version and features are working exploring further.


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