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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020 for PC (1 year for 1 device)

License type: 1 year for 1 device (no automatic renewal)
English, Spanish, French & Portuguese (Brazil)

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020: Tackle any project with this powerful graphic design application for vector illustration, page layout and more. 25+ NEW features & enhancements. Read more: https://www.coreldraw.com/

Download – Product key and installation instructions are emailed immediately after purchase.

Break down creative barriers with CorelDRAW®Graphics Suite 2020. Find all the professional vector illustration, layout, photo editing and typography tools you need to create and complete important design projects, from virtually any device.

  • Experience seamless review, feedback, and collaboration on any device. Get from ideation to output painlessly with new, game-changing collaboration tools that enable you to connect with clients and colleagues on designs like never before. Share your concepts with your reviewers in the Cloud, inviting them to view, annotate, and comment directly on your CorelDRAW design file using CorelDRAW.app. Gone are the days of manual version control and collecting feedback from a number of sources. Making design changes couldn’t be easier, with feedback from one or many contributors, all in one place—your working file. Whether you choose to design on your desktop or online, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020 streamlines the review and approval process for everyone, enabling you to deliver incredible design projects with maximum efficiency. Note: Collaboration features are available only through subscription or with an additional purchase plan for perpetual license customers.
  • Expand your creative capabilities thanks to machine learning. Leave it to artificial intelligence to make the impossible, possible. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020 is packed with features that use machine-learned models to expand your design capabilities and accelerate workflows. Process images in high gear with AI-poweredupsampling and JPEG artifact removal features, and get inventive with new AI-based effects for bitmaps and vectors. Plus enjoy next-level bitmap-to-vector trace results, thanks to the impressive new AI-assisted PowerTRACE™.
  • Broaden your design horizons with new typography features. Showcase type beautifully with new typographic technologies and enhancements to core type tools. Fine-tune type responsively with cutting-edge variable font support and enjoy a seamless text workflow when working between web and desktop. Format paragraphs effortlessly with new numbered lists and enhancements to bulleted lists in CorelDRAW. Note: Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 do not support variable fonts.
  • Do more in less time. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020 takes performance seriously. Work more efficiently and achieve better results with a noticeably quicker, more responsive suite of applications. Experience speed gains in CorelDRAW—from start-up time and opening large documents, to working with text and files with lots of PowerClips.Corel PHOTO-PAINT™’s faster, smoother brushes will do wonders for your workflow. With many complex operations performing up to 10x faster than our previous version, you’ll move from concept to completion in record time.
  • Have more fun with enhancements to your most loved features. Nothing is more important to us than our loyal users, which is why we continue to fine-tune our features to ensure they address your top requests. Enjoy many enhancements you’ve been asking for, from quality improvements to enriching your favorite tools. Be more productive in CorelDRAW with a number of time-saving enhancements to Find & Replace, Align and Distribute, PDF export, and shadow effects, just to name a few. Maximize your creativity with elevated Corel PHOTO-PAINT features, including non-destructive effects and enhancements to masks,Replace Color, and more. Thanks to valuable input from users like you, your most loved CorelDRAW Graphics Suite features are now even better.

Tech Specs

  • Windows 10*, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, in 64-bit or 32-bit**, all with latest Updates and Service Packs
  • Intel Core i3/5/7/9 or AMD Ryzen 3/5/7/9/Threadripper, EPYC
  • OpenCL 1.2 capable video card (recommended)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 4 GB hard disk space
  • Multi-touch screen, mouse or tablet
  • 1280 x 720 screen resolution at 100% (96 dpi)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher
  • Microsoft.NET Framework 4.7.2
  • DVD drive optional (for box installation). Installation from DVD requires a download of up to 900 MB
  • Internet connection is required to install and authenticate CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and access some of the included software components, online features and content.

*CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020 supports Windows 10, version 1903, 1909 and later versions which may be released during the lifecycle of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020. Variable fonts are supported on Windows 10 only.

**Features that use AI (Artificial Intelligence) require 64-bit applications. AI features are not supported in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 32-bit applications.


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